Content Marketing Manager Resume: How To Craft A Winning Resume

Content marketing manager resume – How to craft a winning resume

Set your professional tone

When you’re writing a resume for a content marketing manager role, your goal is to show them you have the skills and experience needed to be an asset to their team. But what if you have no actual experience in marketing? That’s not a problem! You can help demonstrate your experience by adding content marketing-related keywords and phrases to your resume that match up with the keywords and phrases they use in their job listings. By doing this, you’ll show them you have an awareness of their brand, which is a great way to increase your chances of getting an interview.

Don’t use casual language

When you put your resume online, you’re essentially advertising your brand. If you use casual language, like “good” or “great” to describe yourself or your previous work, you’re sending the message that you’re not serious about your career or your work environment. And who wants to work with someone who doesn’t take their job seriously?

Write in the first person

Whether you’re applying for a digital marketing position or a creative one, your resume should always be written in the first person. Avoid using passive voice, and rather describe what you did, what you accomplished, and why it matters. In the age of the internet, people expect to get information in an easy to read, straightforward way. Using passive voice makes it harder to understand your qualifications. When you write your resume, try to only use active voice and include powerful verbs to make it easy for recruiters to quickly scan the page.

Avoid jargon

When you’re trying to break into the marketing field, you want your resume to sound fresh and friendly. Avoid the use of overly complicated terms and buzzwords that only sound impressive on a resume. Instead, write your resume in a way that people within your company can understand, using straightforward, easy-to-understand language.

Your tone should be consistent

The most important thing you can do when writing your resume is to make sure that the way you describe your experience and your personality is the same throughout. If your tone changes depending on what you’re trying to say or how you say it, so will your resume. A resume is a professional document and needs to communicate your abilities in a clear and concise manner. If your resume is full of grammatical errors or confusing descriptions, it will reflect poorly on you.

Include experience and credentials

The experience section of your resume should cover all your major roles and responsibilities, whether in the corporate world or as a freelancer. It’s best to break down each role into a separate section of your resume so it’s easy to see all the different skills you’ve developed. This helps you highlight each role you’ve had and the specific contributions you made.

content marketing manager resume

If you’ve been in the field for a while, you know what you’re doing

If you’ve been in the field for some time, it might not matter how well you present yourself on paper. However, it never hurts to be thorough and up-to-date. If you’re transitioning to a new role, you can also use your resume to show your previous manager or team that you’ve been a valuable asset to the organization.

You’ve developed a reputation as an expert because you’ve demonstrated success

Your resume should demonstrate that you have experience, skills, and knowledge that you’ve developed over time, which will help you be an asset to any organization you work for. If you’ve built up a reputation for yourself as an experienced and knowledgeable marketing expert, that’ll be reflected in your resume. Your resume will demonstrate that you’re the type of person who gets results and can help your organization reach its goals.

You can back up your knowledge and skills with examples

A resume is not a place to brag or tell your whole life story. Instead of writing an overly long cover letter, use your resume to highlight specific examples of your work and how you’ve contributed to your organization and your clients. For instance, if you created an infographic, include a copy of the infographic with your resume. If you’ve designed a website, include a link to it with your resume. If you created social media content, include links to your posts. Any work you’ve done that demonstrates your strengths and expertise should be included.

You are credible

The content marketing manager resume highlights your experience, qualifications and education. It shows your writing skills and demonstrates how you can create content that engages your audience. Your content marketing manager resume helps your interviewer understand the depth and breadth of your knowledge.

Include relevant work history

If you’ve worked in advertising or marketing before, it’s likely you’ve created a website, worked on a social media campaign, developed a piece of content, or overseen other content creation. These work experiences demonstrate you have the right skills for the position you’re applying for.

content marketing manager resume

Start your cover letter with your professional goals

The first paragraph of your cover letter can help you make a great first impression. Begin by writing about why you want to pursue a career in content marketing. Explain why you think this is a great fit for you, and link back to a specific experience you’ve had. The more specific you can make your cover letter, the better. For example, if you developed an interesting website for your high school’s yearbook, explain how your previous experience with web design can help you create an engaging and informative website for your potential employer.

Be sure to list any professional affiliations and certifications that you have

If you’ve been a member of an organization for a certain amount of time, consider adding that to your resume as a section under a professional experience section or under a summary. If you hold a professional certification, that’s also something you can add as supplemental information. Consider adding these sections only if they’re relevant to the job you’re applying for.

If you are a recent college graduate, you may wish to mention your internships or work experience during your university career

Depending on your area of focus, you may have held internships or jobs while still in school. While it may be tempting just to list the positions you held, it’s important to put these jobs in the context of your education and career goals.

If you are a stay-at-home parent, you may wish to include this experience in your cover letter

In some cases, being a stay-at-home parent is an asset to a candidate, as it demonstrates a dedication to a career as well as to a family. If you have young children, you may have an easier time demonstrating your commitment to a full-time career by combining your childcare responsibilities with a part-time job.

Include examples of achievements

The strength of a resume is often in its examples. If your resume has no examples, it’s much harder for a potential employer to determine how you will perform in a similar role. Achievements are an easy way to demonstrate your skills. These can be as simple as writing an article that you edited or proofreading, to a more complex project that you managed.

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Increased revenue by 15%

Let your resume tell this story. If you increased traffic, conversions, and revenue through your content marketing activities, include that information. But don’t just say it. Tell the story. Tell how much additional revenue you made and by what means you were able to achieve those results. That data can speak volumes.

Reduced costs by 10%

One of the biggest wins for any organization is a 10% cost reduction. If you’re able to help your organization achieve that goal, you’re likely to be highly valued. A manager who helps accomplish that goal is likely to already be a trusted employee. And, when they look for a new job, they’ll bring with them their knowledge and experience to help the organization reduce costs. A great way to highlight your cost-saving achievements is to include a section on your resume that outlines how you’ve saved your organization money. If you’ve saved money on printing, software licenses, or any number of things, make sure to highlight those in your resume.

Increased customer satisfaction by 5%

Consider your organization’s mission and describe a way in which you’ve achieved it, while also helping each customer feel a little better about their experience. These achievements show that you are not only a talented person, but also one who cares about the work you do and the people you work with. The more you can demonstrate your genuine care for the organization you work for and the customers you serve, the more you will be seen as an asset to your employer.

Increased market share by 10%

Your resume can help you increase your market share in several ways. A top CMM resume can help you win over the competition by showing your previous achievements. If you were a manager or team lead for a large project, your resume could show your team increased revenue by 10% or more. It’s easy to demonstrate the value of your experience using a resume that includes an overview section and a skills section. For example, you could break down each project you worked on into a list and describe how each project contributed to increased revenue or market share.

Be specific with numbers

When a company looks at a resume, they’re looking for specific information that tells them how qualified you are for the job. One way to show your experience in a way that’s easy to understand is to use numbers. By including a breakdown of your responsibilities, your achievements, and your metrics, you’ll be able to show a potential employer exactly how you’ve contributed to your organization and what you’ve accomplished.

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When it comes to price, don’t be shy

Pricing is one of the most common questions recruiters ask during the initial screening. The best way to answer this question is to be clear about your price range and explain why your services are worth that amount. You can also provide a breakdown of your monthly pricing that shows a comprehensive breakdown of what you’ll be working on.

Be sure to include tax as well as delivery fees

Running a business is expensive, and you have to cover all the expenses. It doesn’t matter if you sell products or provide a service, you need to account for all the costs. If you need to mail something to a customer, make sure to include shipping costs as well as customs fees. If you need to pay someone to do something, add it to your expense report.

Be aware of the true cost of your options

There are two main costs that you’ll want to consider for a flexible schedule: the opportunity cost of forgoing a salary for a lower-paying job, and the cost of a job search. The former is pretty straightforward: if you’re making $50,000 in salary and take a lower paying job, that’s $50,000 you’ll lose out on over the course of a year. The latter is trickier because it’s impossible to predict how much it will cost you to search for a new job. But if you’re planning to stay in finance, it can cost upwards of $1,500 to $2,500 on a recruiter salary search alone!

Be sure to understand the delivery terms

As a content marketing manager, you likely have several different types of content under your management. It’s important to understand the terms of each channel when you work with brands and partners. For example, if a brand partners with you to create a blog post, they’ll likely have a specific length they need that content to be, and a specific style guide that you need to follow. Make sure you know what each partner’s needs are before you create content for them. This shows them that you’re serious and committed to working with them and helps you avoid any miscommunication.

In conclusion, if you want to land a content marketing manager position, your resume must be able to demonstrate your ability to generate and manage content that engages and converts customers. Keep the tips in this article in mind as you craft your own resume, and you’ll be well on your way to impressing hiring managers and getting the job you want.