Content Marketing: How to Create a Title That Gets Your Page Views

Content marketing keyword research has become a hot topic in recent years. With so many content marketers out there, it’s important to stand out from the crowd. One way to do this is by creating a title that gets your page views. Check out the rest of this article to learn how.

Start with a keyword phrase

Of course, one of the most important things to do when creating your title is to use a keyword that people are searching for when they visit Google or other search engines. So, before you come up with a title, do some competitive research to find out what terms your target audience is using when they’re looking for a solution to their problem. Don’t just look at the top search results on Google, look at the second and third-place results as well to see if there are any terms that your audience might be using.

Know what you want to accomplish

If you don’t know what your post will talk about, you won’t be able to come up with a great title. Think about the main idea behind the post and use that keyword phrase in the title. If you want to create a how-to guide, for example, use the phrase “how to” in the title. If you want to discuss the latest news in your niche, use the keyword phrase in the title. The goal is to use the keyword to attract people who are searching for the topic of the post.

Know what your audience wants to hear

Determine your audience’s pain points and what their biggest concerns are before you even begin creating your content. When you create a keyword phrase that covers your audience’s biggest problem, you’re more likely to attract quality visitors to your website. Use your keyword phrase when you write your title and throughout your post. People are more likely to read long, well-written content if the title of your post matches your keyword phrase.

Keep it short and sweet

The title of your content should be between two and three words long. It should answer the question, What is this post about? It should not include any details about the content or the date it was published. When someone is looking for something specific, a title that gives a quick overview of the answer is more likely to attract them to read your content.

Write in your own words

A great title should describe your content in a way that makes it seem like a natural conversation. And it should use your keyword phrase only as a keyword, never as a part of the title itself. For example, if you’re writing about how to find the best mattress for your size, don’t call the post “How to Find the Best Mattress for Your Size: A Comprehensive Compendium.” That’s redundant. Instead, call it “Finding the Best Mattress for Your Size: A Comprehensive Guide.”

Write your title in all caps

When you are creating your content, you want to make sure that you are writing in a way that will appeal to your audience and get them to click on your page or share your post. One of the easiest ways to do that is by writing your title in all caps. If you are using WordPress, you can do this by going to the Settings menu and editing your post. Once you have edited your post, click on the “All” drop down menu and select “Title”. This will change the title of your post to all capital letters. Now that you have capitalized your title, you can look at what people are typing into the search engine to find your post.

content marketing keyword research

Start with your keyword

Your title should include your keyword, but not as the first or second word. By placing your keyword first, you can immediately understand what your post is about from the title alone. And if you include your keyword in your title as the first or second word, Google penalizes it. This is because the goal of the search engine is to return the best results for users, and if your keyword is in the first two words of your title, the post is highly likely to match the search intent. The downside is that your post will show up in the search engine results for that keyword and take up valuable real estate.

Write your headline in all caps

The headline is the first thing the visitor to your website will see and read. Make sure it catches their attention and answers the question “What do you have to say?” If you don’t know the answer to that question, you have a problem. Your headline should answer the question “What do you want to say?”

Go light on the exclamation points

Using exclamation points is a lazy way to make your headline stand out. If you want to add some personality to your post and catch the attention of your audience that doesn’t have a burning need to read your post right away, remove them.

Include numbers or special characters

If your audience is searching for a specific phrase, make sure your post title includes the most important words that someone might use to find your post. If you’re promoting a new product, include the product number or model number in your post title. If you’re writing about your best-rated products, add the star rating. If you’re writing about a special offer, include the discounted price. These types of post titles will help your audience find your post faster by ensuring that they will be able to find your post in the search engines when they search for a keyword that includes your keyword.

content marketing keyword research

Capitalize the first letter of each word

Using all caps is one of the most noticeable ways to break the monotony of written content, so why not use it for your headlines? While all caps can sometimes look jumbled and intimidating, in the right context, they can be incredibly eye-catching and draw in your audience. Try incorporating your brand name into your headline in all caps to make your content look more authoritative.

Include hyphens between numbers

Using numbers for page rankings is a very old tactic, but it still works in some search engines. The days of stuffing your page with hyphens or non-Latin characters are long gone, and the search engines have begun penalizing websites that misuse the numbers in their page titles. If you’re going to use numbers in your title, be sure to use hyphens between them.

Use a space between the number and the unit

When you use a number you want to make sure to use a space between it and the unit of measure. For example, if you are using the number 8 in your headlines make sure to use two spaces between your number and the word “gallons”. This helps the reader to understand that the number is not a misprint.

Write your keywords at the beginning or end

A great way to ensure your post will get noticed is to start with your keyword or use your keyword in the title. Even if your content isn’t about that keyword, it’s a great way to let search engines know what the post is about. So, if you’re trying to write about how to choose a new pair of shoes, start that post with “Buy the right shoes for your feet” or “Shoe shopping: What to look for when buying shoes.”

content marketing keyword research

When writing your content, you need to think about the reader and the search engine

The title is the first thing that shows up when someone visits a specific piece of content on your website. So, it’s important to write a compelling title that will entice users to click on that page. The title also needs to include your keyword within it. This ensures that your content will appear when someone searches using your keyword. Also, you should write the title using a keyword that makes sense in the context of the content. This will help the search engines understand what the content is about.

Start by writing your content and filling in the blanks with your keywords

If you’re writing a guide, for example, use the keyword in the title and throughout the post. If you’re writing a research article, include them in the first or last line of the title and in the first and last sentences of the post. In your content, use your keywords strategically. Don’t overstuff your content with the keyword. Just use it liberally enough to make it easy to find. If you use the keyword too often, search engines will penalize you for keyword stuffing.

When you’re done writing, look at your content with fresh eyes

Once you’ve written everything, take a break. After you’ve looked over your entire post, take a break. It’s important to step away from the writing process and let your brain refresh. When you return, you’ll be able to see your post with a new pair of eyes. This will give you a fresh perspective and help you make the necessary changes needed to make your post shine.

Write your keywords strategically

While your keyword should be in the title, you don’t want to overstuff it. You’ll want to consider the length of your title, so that search engines don’t cut it off. If your title is too long, your page will rank lower in search results.

In conclusion, remember that a good title for your content marketing piece is important to get page views, but ultimately it is up to the quality of your content to keep readers engaged. Write a great article, and be sure to choose a title that accurately reflects its contents!