Blogs Like Medium:

Blogs like medium are a great way to get your thoughts and ideas out there for the world to see. You can share your story with the world and connect with other like-minded individuals. If you’re looking for a place to start sharing your story, check out the rest of this article.

Blog platform

A modern blog platform is a software program or service that makes it easy for people to create a website or publish content. WordPress, the most popular blogging platform, is open source software. WordPress is used by millions of websites, including The Huffington Post and Forbes.


WordPress is a free blog publishing platform developed by WordPress Foundation and is used by millions of websites all around the globe. WordPress is an open source and most powerful blogging and CMS platform. It is SEO friendly, easy to use and has millions of extensions available for free. It is the most popular content management system (CMS) for websites.


Blogger is the blogging platform that was created by Pyra Labs back in 2004. It is still an open source, self-hosted blogging platform and is used by over 6 million bloggers. It is an intuitive platform that offers easy to use features and is beginner friendly. It comes with a clean and minimalistic design that makes it easy to use. You can also customize your blog’s design and layout to meet your style preference.


Tumblr is another one of the leading blogging platforms. The website acts as a social media platform as well. It acts as a community for content creators to share their work. Users can like, reblog, and comment on the content shared through this website. It is a good place to share your content if you like short posts and videos.


There is no need to create a blog to begin blogging! With a free account on Medium, anyone can post articles of any length in a matter of minutes. Whether you want to write about personal experience, business tips, or just express your thoughts, there are no limits on what you can write and publish. You can also add media to your post, like images, videos or charts. This feature allows you to share your story with even more people online.

blogs like medium

Choose a simple, elegant design for your website

It’s tempting to add flashy animations or bright colors to attract visitors to your website, but you run the risk of turning off potential customers with a busy design. A website with a simple yet elegant design can leave visitors wondering why they aren’t using a website that looks more professional.

Keep your website simple and easy to use

Your website is the first impression your audience gets of you and your brand. Make sure it’s simple, easy to read, and easy to navigate. Consider what your website offers visitors, and keep the information you share clear and concise. It should be easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for, whether that’s a specific page or a category of content.

Use high quality images

A carefully chosen image can make an impact on your visitors. A low-quality image will not only distract from the content of your post, but it can also look amateur. This will cause your visitors to not trust you and believe that you are not a professional writer. It will give off the wrong impression. Thus, always use high-quality images that match the content of your post.

Use short, easy to read text

We all like to read, don’t we? Especially when the content is interesting. The problem is that long content that is hard to read is not only boring, but also confusing. Short and easy to read content allows your visitors to skim through your post and find the information they are looking for. In addition, when you don’t use a lot of words, you force yourself to make your content more specific. In other words, you optimize your post for search engines. The result is more traffic!

Focus on content

Medium is a content-rich platform. It allows users to publish content in multiple forms. One of the most popular types of content is a blog post. This post can include text, image, video, charts, polls, and links. It is possible to organize the content in a way that makes it easier to skim and scan the blog post. This makes it an appealing option for people who enjoy reading. However, in order for your content to get noticed, you need to optimize it to ensure it ranks well in the search engine results.

blogs like medium

Content drives your search and makes it easy for searchers to find you

In addition to optimizing your site for the search engines, you need to work on your content as well. If you want to get found, you need to create high-quality content that answers the intent of your target keywords. This content should be in the form of a blog post, with a headline, subhead, and supporting paragraphs—the same format that you’d use on your website. This ensures that your content is easy to find in the search engine results and it helps to build an engaged audience.

Create an editorial calendar

If you have a series of long-form content you’d like to create (or you’re planning on creating them in the future), a good way to organize your content is to create a content calendar. A content calendar gives you an overview of your month-by-month content plan so you can plan out when you want to post and promote each piece.

Make content your top priority

A great way to do this is by writing a blog post every week. This will help you develop a consistent voice and ensure that you’re consistently giving your audience something fresh and interesting to read. Set a goal to post three times a week and stick to it. The more consistency you have, the better your audience will start to trust you and view you as an authority in your niche. When you publish a lot of high-quality content, it gives you the opportunity to start guest blogging on other people’s websites. This helps you reach new audiences and build relationships.

Distinguishing features

The most obvious difference between Medium and WordPress is the design. The former looks very clean and simple while the latter is more of a magazine layout. One thing that’s not immediately noticeable though is how different the writing style is. The writing on Medium is very conversational while WordPress’s tends to be longer and more detailed.

blogs like medium

Distinguishing features are characteristics that are unique and readily identifiable from a distance

If you see a large stone structure set on a hill, you can easily spot it from the road. You can also spot the steeple of a church even from a distance. A logo or design on a website or business card is also something you can easily recognize from a distance. With a blog, however, you will have to look closer to understand it. The blog post header is a great example. This is something you can see from a distance but to get a better look at it, you must move closer.

Distinguishing features can be a building’s architecture or exterior design features, an address, or distinctive landscaping

This is a great example of a distinctive feature that is unique to one place. A building’s architecture is unique to a particular location and will give people a sense of place when they visit. If a business has an odd or interesting exterior design that matches the branding and messaging they want to send about their brand, that can also be a distinctive feature.

Distinguishing features help property owners maintain a unique identity when marketing and attracting new clients

When you’re marketing your property, one of the first things you’ll want to do is establish your brand identity. In order to do that, you’ll need to implement distinctive branding elements that will make your property stand out from competitors. These elements vary depending on what type of property you have, but most of them include things like a logo, color palette, and even a unique voice. The more unique these elements are, the better.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a great blog platform that offers similar features to Medium, be sure to check out some of the options on this list. With so many different blogging platforms available, there’s sure to be one that’s perfect for you. So what are you waiting for? Start exploring and find the perfect platform for your next blog post.